If you still want more speed and especially security (SSL), we recommend the Newshosting news server to start, with 14 days free trial


a After a moment thought that the free news server, without censorships groups, had disappeared, here is a technical and free servers without limitation, with retention acceptable, but only in IPv6 protocol, which requires some explanation and manipulation ...

aTo begin, choose between the option 1a or 1b (recommended) to configure your connection IPV6 then follow the tutorial.

1a. Configure IPv6 without changing the settings of his internet connection

1 Use a gateway IPv4 -> IPv6. For example Gateway6 of Go6. The client is available for Win 32bit, 64bit Win, Linux, FreeBSD, SunOS. By cons, yet for NetBSD, OpenBSD and MacOS.

2 Once installed, create an account on the website (click here).

3 If you're running Windows XP, you must enable IPv6 as follows : in the windows command prompt, type command "ipv6 install" (Start -> Run -> cmd).


4 If you're running Windows Vista, IPv6 is enabled by default.

5 After receiving the confirmation email of Go6 and possibly after activation of IPv6 in XP, you can start Gateway6 and configure as follows.


a Gateway6 Address :
a You will find username and password in the confirmation mail of Go6

6 Then, tab 2, you may need to change the tunnel mode, depending on your connection. By default, IPv6 in IPv4 tunnel.


1b. Configure IPv6 with Free - Change connection settings

1 If your ISP is Free and you are in unbundled areas, you can via the web interface for setting the Freebox, enable IPv6 support.


2 After restarting your freebox, you will be in IPv6.


2. Grabit configuration for IPV6

1 You can totally use another newsreader support IPv6, as Binary News Reader. Grabit is not compatible, so here's what to do to use IPv6.

2We will use the tunnel 6Tunnel . Download the version for your operating system.

3 Download this file and save it in the directory where you unzipped 6tunnel. This is one. BAT containing the following line :

cmd /K nt6tunnel -v -l 119

4 This is a file for execution nt6tunnel with in setting the forwarding address of tunnel, and port 119 and address of the server

To use another free server, simply change the address of this server.

Now you can launch the file and leave the DOS window open.

7 Last step, configuring Grabit to access the tunnel:



a You can now download for free, use the NZB as usual ... !

3. List of free servers

a The performance of these free servers are not comparable to the pay servers (see here for more information), but it's free and uncensored !

Eweka 120 days 6 400 ko/s
  • Actuellement 2.78/5
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Note globale : 2.8/5 (45 votes)

Xs4all ? 8 700 ko/s
  • Actuellement 1.93/5
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Note globale : 1.9/5 (45 votes)

4. Conclusion

a These free servers do not have many happy days ahead, because of government pressure in each country, and owners who often prefer to offer pay offers.

For an overview of pay servers, ensuring speed, retention of 400 days, many connections, speed and especially unlimited SSL encryption, see the servers.

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